A private investigator to solve any kind of doubt

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A private investigator to solve any kind of doubt


The world of private investigations is not a “free zone” and is very different from the imaginary that TV, books and movies have helped to create. First of all, it is important to point out that the activity of the private investigator in Italy is very well regulated today and that the Agency’s services must be carried out strictly within the limits set by the laws in force on privacy. It is good to know that the private investigator, in order to carry out his profession, must be provided with a regular license issued by the Prefecture where the detective agency is located. The title allows him to operate throughout the national territory.

Through observation and documentation services he provides evidence and draws up a detailed investigative report for lawyers, companies, individuals, families. Mauro Giorgio Zocca, owner of the Investigation Agency Explorer (Piazza Alfieri No. 61) states: “The investigator offers a service of public utility because it collects the evidence and makes the necessary checks to build the “pre-legal package“that the interested party can deliver to his Legal. Then it facilitates the work of the lawyer and law enforcement agencies.”

There are many different reasons that can push a person or company to contact an investigative agency. In any case, it is always the doubt that leads to this decision. Doubt may exist in the private, family or work environment. The private detective is responsible for collecting evidence that can assert and defend the rights of the client in court. Not everyone knows that, concerning the working environment, an employer can ask the investigator for help if he has suspicions about an employee for absenteeism or for inappropriate behavior, as for example, the improper use of the service vehicle. The private investigator can also be the right man to get credit collection. It can in fact carry out checks on the debtor’s assets in order to understand if there is the possibility of defending their credit.

This figure also has the professional skills to track down people whose traces have been lost, for example, relatives of whom nothing is known for years. In the family sphere, the figure of the detective immediately refers to the image of the tracking. It’s possible to ask for his help with the tracking of children if they are suspect of using drugs or alcohol, to track down the partner if he’s suspected of infidelity or having the gambling addiction. It is the abnormal behavior of people to create doubts and the help of the private detective can be useful for a personal peace of mind or to bring to light a situation of unease, in order to support the family in corrective action. Mauro Giorgio Zocca still underlines that “people want to be oriented and the private investigator has the fundamental role of consultant. With professionalism, must indicate what to do but also what not to do. I believe a lot in teamwork and in a second phase, once the problematic of the case has been identified, I often use the advice of a psychologist who supports the subjects involved.”

The private investigator also performs preventive surveillance in stalking cases, today more and more frequent. In a completely anonymous and unrecognizable manner, he presides the places where the victim lives, checking that no dangerous situations occur. Only in those cases he appears, subtracting the victim from the danger and immediately alerting the police.

There are things that even an investigative agency cannot do, such as providing phone records, names of mobile phone owners, installing systems for interception, spying people’s mobile phones through the installation of illegal softwares. Only the Public Prosecutor’s Office can act on mobile phones and have interception, if deemed necessary.



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