19 February 2018

A private investigator to solve any kind of doubt

The world of private investigations is not a “free zone” and is very different from the imaginary that TV, books and movies have helped to create. First of all, it is important to point out that the activity of the private investigator in Italy is very well regulated today and that the Agency’s services must be carried out strictly within the limits set by the laws in force on privacy. It is good to know that the private investigator, in […]
19 February 2018

Focus on prevention with the help of a private investigator

Passion, ability, experience, professionalism, a good network of contacts: these are the necessary characteristics today so that the work of a private investigator can achieve the prefixed result and offers the customer useful tools, without spending more than necessary. «The private investigator today is a modern consultant, reliable and confidential, present in organized networks, assisting, even working in teams, individuals, families, lawyers, professionals, companies for the defense of rights and the protection of interests in every location.». This is the […]