Focus on prevention with the help of a private investigator

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Focus on prevention with the help of a private investigator


Passion, ability, experience, professionalism, a good network of contacts: these are the necessary characteristics today so that the work of a private investigator can achieve the prefixed result and offers the customer useful tools, without spending more than necessary.

«The private investigator today is a modern consultant, reliable and confidential, present in organized networks, assisting, even working in teams, individuals, families, lawyers, professionals, companies for the defense of rights and the protection of interests in every location.». This is the mission of “Explorer”, an institute of investigations and security based in Asti, in Piazza Alfieri 61. The owner, Mauro Giorgio Zocca, highlights the areas of activity of the private investigator and in particular of his activity. «Much of the work consists in observing people, obviously taking into account what is allowed by the current regulations on the subject of investigations: to get a precise picture of the person being investigated it is essential to know what he does, who he meets, which ones places he attends, how he spends free time», explains Zocca. The investigation fronts concern many aspects. For example, it usual working with the goal of debt collection and post-separation and divorce verifications (in order to re-examine the amount of maintenance to be paid to one of the former consort); or for the supervision of minors, today more than ever exposed to dangers of different kinds, coming particularly from the Internet: «Let’s consider the phenomenon of cyberbullying, of  ludopathy, but also of blackmail through the “network” or the possibility to buy stolen items and incur the crime of receiving stolen goods – emphasizes Zocca – It’s also usual to deal with the management of information technology related to the activities of minors. Grandparents often ask for the intervention of the investigator, next to the parents».

Then there is the work of tracing missing persons: from a debtor to a disappeared relative; but also, for example, an ancestor who had moved abroad and whose tracks had been lost. And it is also very important the contribution that the investigator, who operates exclusively on the basis of an authorization issued by the Prefecture of the city in which the detective agency is based, can give on the front of the phenomenon of stalking: «We support those who are victim of stalking, also through the daily protection: we accompany a man or woman in a discreet way, without showing up, at a distance, but in a manner of being ready to intervene if necessary and asking for the intervention of law enforcement», explains Zocca.

Regarding the companies, specifically, the investigative activities are aimed primarily at cases of absenteeism and sabotage and referential investigations, for example on new customers who propose themselves to the company. Very important is the preventive surveillance, which can affect individuals, but also the same companies: it is also carried out discreetly and represents a great value to avoid problems that could arise: «Prevention is always a key aspect, because it allows preventing problems and save resources that have to be used to solve problems that could be avoided with adequate knowledge», underlines the owner of “Explorer”.

It is to be dispelled the idea that investigations are always onerous. «They are just in the absence of adequate tools and if the investigator is unprepared – says Zocca – If prepared and part of an organized network, the cost of an investigation can be contained. Often the knowledge to whom to contact to get the information needed can greatly contribute to reduce the cost of an investigation». And the investigator as a modern consultant has another very important role: being able to advise his client not only on what to do, but above all on what is “not” necessary to do. Another aspect that helps to contain the cost of an investigation.

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